12 months to free yourself from last century’s church mindset and thrive as a leader of ministry as it is emerging.

It's time to reimagine how we do church: the 'stuff' that comes with mid-20th century institutional and administrative mindset.

So we can get to more of the why: sharing the love of God and the Christian faith; bringing others to the light, and light to the world.

This monthly email course will help you create a roadmap for your own ministry's future: whether you are ordained or lay, serving a congregation or an entrepreneurial ministry, whether you're new to ministry or very experienced.

Live into the Future of Church opens January 15, but you can sign up anytime and get a new lesson every 30 days for one year.

The email course is just $5/month, with opportunities to add 1-1 coaching time when you need it. And an invitation at the end to join a community of Creative Ministry Innovators.